Animal Science B.S.A. with Equine Concentration

Eight-Semester Degree Program

Students wishing to follow the degree plan should see the Eight Semester Degree Policy for university requirements of the program.

First YearUnits
UNIV 1001 University Perspectives (Sp, Su, Fa)1  
ANSC 1001L Introductory to Animal Sciences Laboratory (Sp, Fa)1  
ANSC 1032 Introductory Animal Sciences (Sp, Fa)2  
BIOL 1543 Principles of Biology (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 1014 Lecture) (Sp, Su, Fa)
& BIOL 1541L Principles of Biology Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 1014 Lab) (Sp, Su, Fa)
ANSC 1041 Introduction to Companion Animal Industry (Sp, Fa)
or ANSC 1051 Introduction to the Livestock Industry (Sp, Fa)
ENGL 1013 Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013) (Sp, Su, Fa)3  
MATH 1203 College Algebra (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 1103) (Sp, Su, Fa) (OR higher level math)3  
ANSC 2003 Introduction to Equine Industry (Sp)  3
ANSC 2252L Introduction to Livestock and Meat Evaluation (Sp)  2
Discipline-related Elective (AFLS Broadening Elective)  3
ENGL 1023 Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023) (Sp, Su, Fa)  3
Social Sciences Core Elective  3
Fine Arts/Humanities Core Elective  3
Year Total: 15 17
Second YearUnits
CHEM 1073 Fundamentals of Chemistry (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1214 Lecture) (Su, Fa)
& CHEM 1071L Fundamentals of Chemistry Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1214 Lab) (Fa)
Fine Arts/Humanities Core Elective3  
ANSC 3723 Horse and Livestock Merchandising (Fa)3  
ANSC 3433 Fundamentals of Reproductive Physiology (Fa)3  
ANSC 2781 Career Preparation and Development (Fa)1  
ANSC 3072 Equine Selection and Evaluation (Sp)  2
ANSC 3133 Animal Breeding and Genetics (Sp)  3
Communication Intensive Elective  3
Discipline-related Elective (AFLS Broadening Elective)  3
Select one of the following:  3-4
CHEM 2613 Organic Physiological Chemistry (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1224 Lecture) (Sp, Su, Fa)
& CHEM 2611L Organic Physiological Chemistry Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = CHEM 1224 Lab) (Sp, Su, Fa)
(Or students may select a 3 hour Social Science Core Elective if completing CHEM 3603/3601L in fall of third year.)
Year Total: 14 15
Third YearUnits
ANSC 4142 Advanced Animal Handling Techniques (Sp, Fa)2  
Animal Science Electives5  
Select one of the following:3-4  
Social Science Core Elective
(Or students may select CHEM 3603 & CHEM 3601L Organic Chemistry I and Lab if completing a Social Science Core in spring of second year.)
BIOL 2013 General Microbiology (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 2004 Lecture) (Sp, Su, Fa)
& BIOL 2011L General Microbiology Laboratory (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 2004 Lab) (Sp, Su, Fa)
ANSC 4173 Thoroughbred Horse Industry (Odd years, Sp)
or ANSC 4283 Horse Production (Sp)
Animal Science Electives  5
ANSC 3143 Principles of Animal Nutrition (Sp)  3
Social Science Core Elective  3
Discipline-related Elective (AFLS Broadening Electives)   3
Year Total: 14 17
Fourth YearUnits
Animal Science Elective3  
ANSC production/management2  
General Elective3  
Communication Intensive Elective3  
History Core Elective 3  
ANSC 4283 Horse Production (Sp)
or ANSC 4173 Thoroughbred Horse Industry (Odd years, Sp)
ANSC production/management  2
Discipline-related Electives  4
General Electives  5
Year Total: 14 14
Total Units in Sequence:  120