Anne O'Leary-Kelly
Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs
328 Walton College of Business

Graduate Certificate in Business

The Graduate Certificate in Business is designed to give non-business graduate students a foundation in the core aspects of business they will need to start successful commercial or non-commercial enterprises or assist in creating new products or service offerings in existing organizations. The certificate program is open to all non-business graduate students throughout the University of Arkansas, and students from all majors are encouraged to participate. Ideally, these students will be well-positioned to create knowledge-based, high-growth start-ups or assist existing companies in developing successful new product and services. Both of these goals will contribute to the economic development of the state of Arkansas.

Admission Requirements: The Graduate Certificate in Business is open to all non-business degree-seeking graduate students who are in good standing with the graduate school and admitted to the graduate school of business. Information on graduate school of business admission requirements can be found in the admissions portion of the graduate school of business section of the graduate catalog.

Requirements for the Graduate Certificate in Business: (15 hours)

To receive the Graduate Certificate in Business, students are required to take 9 hours of coursework in the Walton College of Business and 6 hours of electives related to business in either the Walton College or in another college at the University of Arkansas. Elective  courses other than those listed below may be approved by the Director of the Certificate program. Some elective courses have prerequisites that are not met by courses in the certificate program. Students are advised to check prerequisites prior to enrolling in a course.

To receive the graduate Certificate in Business, students are required to take 15 hours as follows:

Course List

Required Courses (no prerequisites)
MGMT 5213Business Foundations for Entrepreneurs (Sp)3
Choose one of the following classes (one course with prerequisites):
MGMT 5323New Venture Development (Fa)3
MGMT 5223Managing & Leading Organizations (Fa)3
MGMT 5363Innovation & Creativity (Sp)3
MGMT 5313Strategic Management (Su) ( (prerequisite – instructor consent))3
Choose one of the following classes (no prerequisites):
ACCT 5223Accounting for Supply Chain & Retail Organizations (Fa)3
ECON 5243Economics of Supply Chain & Retail (Sp)3
FINN 5223Financial Markets & Valuation (Sp)3
MKTG 5103Retail Consumer Marketing (Sp)3
SCMT 5633Retail and Consumer Products Supply Chain Management (Sp)3
ISYS 5213ERP Fundamentals (Su, Fa)3
Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences
AGEC 5303Agricultural Marketing Theory (Fa)3
AGEC 5143Financial Management in Agriculture (Fa)3
AGEC 5413Agribusiness Strategy (Sp)3
AMPD 5033Issues and Trends in Textile Studies (Odd years, Sp)3
AMPD 5043Theories and Practices in Apparel Merchandising (Even years, Sp)3
J. William Fulbright College of Arts & Sciences
COMM 5403Organizational Communication Theory (Irregular)3
COMM 5423Seminar in Mass Media Cognition (Even years, Sp)3
JOUR 5063Issues in Advertising and Public Relations (Fa)3
College of Education and Health Professions
RESM 5463Sports Facilities Management (Su)3
RESM 5843Tourism (Sp)3
College of Engineering
CHEG 5033Technical Administration (Irregular)3
INEG 4443Project Management (Irregular)3
INEG 5623Analysis of Inventory Systems (Irregular)3
Graduate School
MEPH 5383Research Commercialization and Product Development (Sp)3
MEPH 5821Ethics for Scientists and Engineers (Su)1
MEPH 5832Proposal Writing and Management (Su)2