PTSC 6101. Colloquium in Plant Sciences. 1 Hour.

Advanced discussion of topics in plant science on a participatory basis. Topics in plant pathology, horticulture and forestry will be treated. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Spring) May be repeated for up to 2 hours of degree credit.

PTSC 6203. Laboratory Instrumentation in Plant Science. 3 Hours.

Principles, capabilities, and operation of laboratory instrumentation utilized in plant science research. Lecture 2 hours, laboratory 3 hours per week. Corequisite: Lab component. (Typically offered: Irregular)

PTSC 700V. Doctoral Dissertation. 1-18 Hour.

Doctoral Dissertation. Prerequisite: Graduate standing. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) May be repeated for degree credit.