KINS 5423. Assessment and Prescriptive Programming in Adapted Movement Science (Odd years, Sp). 3 Hours.

Instruction in the assessment, prescription, and use of instruction methods, materials, and equipment relevant to working with people with disabilities.

KINS 5493. Practicum in Adapted Physical Education (Irregular). 3 Hours.

Deals with the application of skills, knowledge and concepts necessary for planning, organizing and conducting adapted physical education programs through supervised field experiences.

KINS 5643. Motor Learning (Sp). 3 Hours.

Concepts of motor learning and control are presented. Attention is given to an analysis of the literature in movement control, motor behavior, and motor learning.

KINS 574V. Internship (Sp). 1-6 Hour.

May be repeated for up to 6 hours of degree credit.

KINS 5753. Sport Psychology (Su). 3 Hours.

Investigation of historical and contemporary research in sport psychology.

KINS 589V. Independent Research (Sp, Su, Fa). 1-3 Hour.

Development, implementation, and completion of basic or applied research project. Prerequisite: M.S. degree program in exercise and movement sciences and HHPR 5353 and ESRM 5393.

KINS 600V. Master's Thesis (Sp, Su, Fa). 1-6 Hour.

Master's Thesis. May be repeated for degree credit.

KINS 605V. Independent Study (Sp, Su, Fa). 1-3 Hour.

Provides students with an opportunity to pursue special study of educational problems. May be repeated for up to 3 hours of degree credit.

KINS 674V. Internship (Irregular). 1-3 Hour.

May be repeated for up to 3 hours of degree credit.