Ed Pohl, director
BELL 4207

Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics website

Founded in March 2007, the Center for Innovation in Healthcare Logistics is located in the Department of Industrial Engineering and is an industry-university partnership based at the University of Arkansas that leads a nationwide effort to identify and foster systemwide adoption of ground-breaking healthcare supply chain and logistics innovations. It has achieved a leading role in healthcare supply chain progress through:

  • Intensive collaboration with a variety of healthcare providers, industry organizations, and healthcare supply chain leaders in vigorous data and opinion gathering, including pilot testing at partner sites.
  • Objective engineering analysis of healthcare challenges and innovations, free of commercial or institutional interests, that leverages the university’s broad background in engineering of logistics and supply chains.
  • Avoiding “one-off” single-site investigations in favor of scalable projects with systemwide impact.
  • Commitment to broad dissemination of findings from the center's investigations in presentations, reports and computer-based decision aids.