Thomas Green, director
ARAS 147

Arkansas Archeological Survey website

The Arkansas Archeological Survey is a research and public service organization charged by the legislature with statewide responsibility for conserving and investigating the state’s archeological heritage and with making information on this rich heritage available to all.

To this end it has an extensive publication and public relations program. With a staff of 40 (approximately half of whom are professional archeologists), it is recognized as one of the most effective state-supported archeological research organizations in the country. The survey’s coordinating office on the Fayetteville campus consists of the director, the state archeologist, computer services, editorial, graphics, and other support staff. There are also several research archeologists who carry out archeological investigations under contracts as required by law to protect the state’s archeological resources.

There are station archeologists at all 10 research stations around the state, including the Fayetteville campus, who are available for graduate guidance. The survey works closely with the university’s Department of Anthropology in training students, cooperates with the state historic preservation officer and other state and federal agencies, and trains and assists citizen groups interested in archeological conservation.